Syntax Highlighter APIs with Nodejs and Python

Syntax highligter

Just a micro web service for syntax highlighting.

For now it is implemented with node.js and

Since the concept is micro service, It would be implemented with python and pigments or another stack.

How to run

For the impatients:

$ container_id=$(docker run -it -d -t guneysu/syntax-highlighter:latest)
$ container_ip=$(docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' $container_id)
$ xdg-open http://$container_ip:8000

I use Makefile

$ make build run open # expilicitly
$ make 				  # for the impatients
PORT := 8000
IP_CMD := docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' $(CONTAINER)
IP = $(shell $(IP_CMD))
CONTAINER := syntax-highlighter
all: build run open

	docker build -t guneysu/syntax-highlighter:latest .

	docker run -d -it --name=$(CONTAINER) -t guneysu/syntax-highlighter:latest

	xdg-open http://$(IP):$(PORT)

.PHONY: all build run open